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You know those eye-candy blogs that leave you oohing and ahhhing over the beautiful rooms, decor, clothing, parties, people, projects, etc., that they post? The ones who you see popping up on pinterest all the time? On to baby is one of those sites for me. Of course, with three little ones, I am firmly entrenched in the world of baby, and I have enjoyed visiting on to baby regularly for inspiration.

So, you can probably imagine my reaction when I found out that our Greta’s Paris-inspired nursery and newborn photos were to be featured on On To Baby.

SQUEALS OF DELIGHT (though I admit a brief moment of speechlessness and gobsmackery)!! Yay, YAY, YAAAAYYY!!! In two words: celebration and gratitude. Thank you, Susie!

Want to see? Please head over and take a tour. Give their site a little love. :) You might want to get regular updates to your facebook and pinterest feeds, too!

Want more eye candy? Not quite to the baby stage yet? On to baby is a spin-off of sorts, created by the team at Wedding Chicks, which is also replete with inspiration. Have a visit!


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