out of the [GREEN BOX] workshop recap

Whew! What a whirlwind of a month January was! While January isn’t typically filled with shoots, having just come off of a busy holiday season, I’ve had my share a fun, including senior model sessions, some commercial work, and my workshop (from the teaching side). I thought it would be fun to give you a little glimpse of the day. :)

Sarah and I were overwhelmed at the turnout and had a fun afternoon working with a dozen very enthusiastic camera owners and two quite adorable models. We loaded them up with lots of info on how to be the boss of their cameras and then let them explore the settings on their cameras as they snapped and snapped some more. Even after a decade of teaching (my former career was in teaching as a college chemistry professor), it still amazes me how fun and rewarding it is when the lightbulb comes on for students. So sweet! Now, with chemistry, I may have seen the look on their faces and heard students explain to me that they finally “got it”, but with photography, well, the proof is in the images–and there was proof THAT day that our charges were picking up what we were putting down. Simply put, it was wonderful.

A big thank you to Sarah for joining me in this adventure and for all of our enthusiastic students and models, who made the day lots of fun!

2013-01-24_0015.jpg 2013-01-24_0014.jpg

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