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Christie | Dublin Coffman Class of 2017 | Inniswood

This year I’ve had the honor of being represented by four very talented, gifted, kind, and beautiful seniorView full post »

Megan | Dublin Coffman Class of 2017

I am as type-A as they come. Lists and calendars are my thing! But this year, I’ve fallen behind on showcasing sessionsView full post »

little dates | American Girl

After a brief delay (thanks to back-to-school, busyness, and family commitments), little dates are back on! It had aView full post »

Aimee | Dublin Coffman Class of 2017

Aimee and I met up at one of my favorite Dublin parks–Riverway–for her senior portraits session earlierView full post »

Allison | Dublin Jerome Class of 2017

One of the greatest honors of mine as a photographer comes when I am chosen to photograph the younger sibling of aView full post »

Kristen + Katherine | Dublin Coffman Class of 2017

I have been blessed to photograph many twins over the years, from the littlest to those entering their senior year inView full post »